Angry Birds Level Editor

Angry Birds VR Getting a Level Editor, the First in the Series

In all this time of flinging birds at pigs, we’ve never gotten to choose how those pigs are set up. They’ve always been given pre-determined positions and we’ve been told exactly how to shoot our birds at them. That changes with Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, which is getting the first level editor in the series. Releasing later this year, you’ll be able to place the exact fortifications for the pigs and choose what birds players will get to launch at them. You can see this level editor in action in the trailer below:

While this may seem like the kind of feature all Angry Birds games would benefit from, Isle of Pigs is the first to actually get it. The editor is set to be released before 2019 is out, though at launch it will only allow you to share levels locally. Developer Resolution Games said that the ability to share levels online is coming and should be available sometime in 2020. CEO Tommy Palm had the following to say about the new editor:

We have been working on this level builder technology for some time and are very excited to have it make its debut in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. With our upcoming release, players will have the power to show their creativity in ways we could never imagine. We can’t wait to see what the fans come up with!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play it, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is basically just Angry Birds in VR. You’ll put birds in a slingshot and fling them at forts set up by pigs with the goal being to knock down said forts and defeat the pigs. Don’t confuse it with The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, which is much closer to an Overcooked clone than anything else. Isle of Pigs was the first of the franchise to be playable in VR and now the first to get a level editor, breaking new ground for the series.