New Days Gone Patch Places Death Stranding’s BB Inside Deacon’s Gas Tank

For months, SIE Bend Studio has done a stellar job of consistently updating Days Gone with new content, including both cosmetics and in-game challenges. Just a couple of months ago the title received a much-coveted New Game Plus mode. However, its latest addition may be the coolest to date. Days Gone’s 1.6 patch brings a few bits of Death Stranding-related content to the apocalypse. One piece of DLC includes an incredibly awesome gas tank for Deacon’s Drifter Bike, which bears the appearance of BB’s Pod in Death Stranding. Even better is an animated BB itself cozily resting in the Pod-like gas tank.

Take a look at all of the Death Stranding content coming to Days Gone in the latter’s newest patch.

As the video above indicates, the BB Tank does not mark the only Death Stranding item coming to Days Gone. There’s also a Death Stranding Tank players will be able to access. It seemingly has a style similar to Sam’s bike in the Kojima title. Apparently, fans have new decals and frame paint to look forward to, as well.

The new Days Gone patch is available to download now. Death Stranding will launch in stores tomorrow for the PlayStation 4. Titan Books’ The Art of Death Stranding art book is slated to release early next year on January 7, 2020.

[Source: SIE Bend Studio on Twitter]