These Solid Gold and Platinum Monster Hunter: World Statues Cost $80K Each

If you happen to win the lottery and have money to spare, or if you need to offload some cash after doing something insane like robbing a Las Vegas casino, there’s a fantastic new option for you (or George Clooney and Brad Pitt). Capcom has been putting out some new merchandise for Monster Hunter: World, giving fans a chance to show their love for the series and own something really cool. In this case, it’s a pair of statues, one which depicts Rathian and one for Rathalos. The catch? Each of these statues retails in the neighborhood of $80,000.

They’re not very big, only about 3 inches tall and about 6 by 4 inches long and wide. However, the Rathian statue is made out of solid 24k gold, while the Rathalos one is solid platinum. As you may expect, something like that is going to set you back a pretty penny. These statues cost ¥8.8 million each, which equals about $80,760. Don’t despair, if you buy them together they only cost ¥16.5 million. That’s $151,442, for those keeping track, a handy discount of about $10K. Go buy yourself something nice with all that money you’ll save. At least they come with glass display cases, so no one messes up your super nice Monster Hunter statues.

Monster Hunter World 80k statue platinum

If you don’t have that kind of money, there are also cheaper versions that cost ¥880,000 each, which is about $8,077. Instead of being solid gold and platinum, these versions are just silver painted with gold and rhodium. At least no one will be able to tell the difference from under a glass case, right (cheapskate…)? These statues are all being offered by U-Treasure, a Japanese manufacturer of collectibles, and are only available for purchase in Japan. If you had that kind of money to spend on video game statues though, I’m sure you could find a way to import one if you really wanted to.

So why the super expensive statues suddenly? It’s for Monster Hunter‘s 15 year anniversary, which happened back in March. The original Monster Hunter came out for the PlayStation 2 in Japan back in March 2004, later coming to the United States in September of the same year. Capcom (and the rest of us) didn’t know it back then, but it would go on to become one of the publisher’s biggest franchises. Recently Monster Hunter World: Iceborne hit 3 million sales, which is rather impressive for an expansion pack, and a much cheaper alternative to buying $80K statues. Simply play the game and get the hilarious Resident Evil Tyrant costume for the handler instead.

[Source: PC Gamer]