Monster Hunter World Iceborne Crossover

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Resident Evil Event Live Today, Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Event Later This Month

Are zombies monsters? Technically they could count, but I’m not sure they’re the kind of monsters that a typical monster hunter will go after. Regardless, players of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can look forward to a pair of crossover events coming to the game, highlighting both Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise and Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn. The first event, first announced back in October, and starting today at 4 pm PST, is based on Resident Evil. You can gather materials to give your hunter the appearance of either Leon or Claire from Resident Evil 2, allowing you to look, according to our review, “frustratingly attractive.” Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to perform some new gestures, such as shuffling around or even biting like a zombie. There are also some Resident Evil-themed collectibles for your room. Finally, just because it wouldn’t be Raccoon City without him, you can purchase a special costume for the Handler that turns her into Tyrant, both during gameplay and cutscenes. Now there’s a monster worth hunting.

Not interested in zombies? The other crossover has you covered then (as long as you play on PlayStation). Starting on November 21st, 2019, content related to Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds will be added to the game. A special collaborative quest will allow you to gather unique materials that give you the chance to craft a costume so that craft the new weapon. Work hard, and you can get a special light bowgun that is made to look similar to Aloy’s Stormslinger Prototype. Additionally, completing the quest will nab you a special pendant designed to look like Aloy’s Focus that you can attach to any weapon in the game, so you can bring that Horizon flavor with you wherever you want.

While that may not seem like much, that won’t be all the Horizon Zero Dawn content coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborn. It’s just the first quest. Capcom has promised a second quest will be released sometime in December, although they haven’t said exactly when or what it’ll contain. The Horizon crossover is, of course, exclusive to PlayStation 4 players, mirroring the Horizon events shortly after the original game launched.

Perhaps this crossover is to bring attention back to Horizon given the inevitable sequel that Guerrilla Games is working on?