Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Collabs With Horizon Zero Dawn for Frozen Wilds Crossover

Monster Hunter World’s PlayStation 4 players received quite the treat with Horizon Zero Dawn content last year. For a time, PS4 users could take on quests that would permanently add Aloy attire, letting people venture into the world of Monster Hunter with her tools at their disposal. Yet another collaboration of this magnitude is on the horizon (pun only somewhat intended). Capcom has announced Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion will reintroduce Aloy to its universe, thanks to a cleverly orchestrated The Frozen Wilds DLC tie-in event. Similar to the two franchises’ previous collaboration, the Horizon Zero Dawn content will be exclusive to the PS4.

Aloy’s Monster Hunter return couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. If this entry in the Capcom franchise is journeying to climates with below zero temperatures, Aloy is certainly capable of lending a helping hand. After all, Horizon Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds expansion demonstrates just how well her superior hunting skills translate to less favorable conditions.

Apparently, Capcom had a trailer of some kind on its YouTube channel showcasing the newest collaboration. However, the video has since been removed for reasons unknown. What was specifically featured in the trailer also currently remains a mystery as well. Hopefully, it won’t be long before Capcom re-uploads the footage.

Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a couple of weeks on September 6th. The DLC is slated to hit PC sometime in January 2020. Iceborne will be the game’s only expansion and Capcom’s only major release for this fiscal year. However, fans should anticipate the company’s continued support of the expansion via content updates that mirror those from the base game.

Apparently, Iceborne may offer an experience that rivals that of the core experience, especially with regards to size. The DLC will bring with it an arctic map, Hoarfrost Reach. This frozen region will feature new gear, new types of monsters worthy of hunting, additional stories to explore, and more.

[Source: Capcom via DualShockers]