Death Stranding Has Biggest New IP Launch in Japan This Generation

Death Stranding is already off to a strong start in Japan according to its launch week sales. With 185,909 copies sold, Kojima’s latest counts as the biggest retail launch for a new IP in Japan this console generation. Data suggests it’s also the best-selling new IP release in the region since Dark Souls‘ first outing in 2011.

These details come courtesy of Game Data Library on Twitter, which tracks Japanese game sales. In a brief Twitter thread, Game Data Library outlined Death Stranding’s early achievements. The thread begins with the following tweet:

For the sake of clarification, Knack doesn’t count because it was packaged in for free with launch PlayStation 4 consoles in Japan. Death Stranding still encountered stiff competition, though. According to Game Data Library’s above chart, Judgment, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Bloodborne were the top three new IP launches prior to Death Stranding. Each of the three sold approximately 150,000 physical units at release.

Still, the new Kojima title’s retail success seems especially impressive. After all, the other three games are worthy of consideration as spiritual successors to previously beloved franchises. Death Stranding, however, represents an entirely new idea from Kojima Productions.

Perhaps that latter point rests at the nexus of one of Death Stranding’s most notable pitfalls. As Game Data Library notes, this title serves as Kojima’s “worst launch” in Japan since Zone of the Enders. Apparently, Death Stranding’s launch sales are also much lower than any of Metal Gear Solid’s Kojima-produced entries.

Death Stranding is in stores now worldwide on the PlayStation 4. The title will hit PC in summer 2020.

[Source: Game Data Library on Twitter]