Wasteland 3 release date

Wasteland 3 Coming to PlayStation 4 in May 2020

The post-apocalyptic genre is about to get a little bigger. Wasteland 3, the third entry into the classic series that once led to the development of the Fallout series, will be launching on May 19th, 2020. The release date was announced during Microsoft’s XO19 conference. Additionally, there’s a new trailer for the game, which you can see below:

While Fallout may have gone in a first-person route, the Wasteland series continues to use turn-based tactical combat in their games. You’ll be leading a group of Desert Rangers, a band of post-apocalyptic lawmen trying to return some form of order to the state of Arizona. Their travels take them to Colorado after the mysterious Patriarch promises to assist them in saving Arizona if they can help him with his own problem. Of course, the Patriarch is also a man that sits on an Iron Throne inspired chair, only this one’s made out of missiles and nukes instead of swords. Is that the kind of person you can really trust? The choice is yours.

And you will be making plenty of choices, of course. The series is known for its roleplaying storytelling and many different options. These choices can and will lead you into fights, as the world of Wasteland 3 is a dangerous one. You’ll get a squad of six Desert Rengers, and you can choose to play the game both solo or co-op, you know, just in case you want a friend making bad decisions for you.

Although Wasteland 3 is coming to the PlayStation 4, developer inXile Entertainment was one of the studios recently purchased by Microsoft, thus probably why this was announced at Microsoft’s conference. Much like Obsidian and their recently released The Outer Worlds, Wasteland 3 was already in development and promised to PlayStation 4 owners before Microsoft purchased the studio. As such, there’s a pretty high chance that this will be inXile Entertainment’s final game on the console.