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3D Realms to Produce and Distribute Cyberpunk FPS Title Ghostrunner

3D Realms, the company responsible for introducing the world to Duke Nukem, is attaching itself to another cool-looking first-person shooter, Ghostrunner. One More Level’s Cyberpunk FPS originally drew the web’s attention ahead of gamescom 2019. Since then, details have been scarce. That’s changing now. 3D Realms will produce and distribute the title.

3D Realms unveiled the news in a brief post on Twitter. Check it out below. (Note: The trailer featured in the 3D Realms post is the original reveal trailer from this past August):

Ghostrunner is set to offer quite the unique experience. At its core, the game from One More Level seems a cross between Titanfall and Mirror’s Edge with swords. It may offer a tougher challenge than its apparent inspirations, however, given the one-hit, one-kill aspect. A bullet-time feature will help slow things down, providing players a bit more breathing room when it comes to Ghostrunner’s frenetic momentum and combat.

Set in a dystopian tower-city wreaked by chaos and poverty, Ghostrunner will see players battle tough enemies and maneuver through difficulty obstacles. Throughout the experience, players should expect to unlock the city’s secrets and learn more about the main character’s origin. All of these challenges and more are in service of one goal–gaining enough power to eventually take on The Keymaster.

At present, Ghostrunner still lacks a specific 2020 release date. Whenever it does release, the title will come to the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: 3D Realms on Twitter via Bloody Disgusting]