You’ll Be ‘Breaking Ground’ in Kerbal Space Program When the Expansion Lands on Console

Space flight simulation Kerbal Space Program’s Breaking Ground expansion landed on PC back in May 2019. The feature-rich DLC is now on its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well. The Breaking Ground content will arrive on consoles in just a few weeks on December 5th for $14.99.

A “Console-Official Gameplay Trailer” from publisher Private Division and developer Squad accompanied the release date announcement. Get a sneak peek at what to expect from Kerbal Space Program’s Breaking Ground DLC in the following video:

Breaking Ground will allow players to embark on new scientific endeavors. As such, additional options will include collecting data with “new deployable science experiments,” exploring surface features across the Kerbolar system’s moons and planets, and experimenting with a fresh set of robotic parts.

Below is a breakdown of the DLC’s most noteworthy additions:

Robotic Parts

  • Brand new robotic parts will add a whole new level of creativity to your craft. These parts will include some fresh control mechanics and will allow you to create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their universe!

Surface Features

  • Scattered across the Kerbolar System, you’ll find interesting Surface Features, like mineral formations, meteors, craters, and even more curious planetary features. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new Rover Arm!

Deployed Science

  • Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty of experiments for you to try out!

New Space Suit

  • Kerbals are also getting a fresh new space suit to wear for their scientific endeavors! This sleek futuristic suit will make your Kerbals look flashy while they explore the canyons of Duna, the shores of Laythe, or any other exotic destination. The suits also allows for customization where you can choose which color emanates from the suit’s light panels.

A free update is also on the way for Kerbal Space Program on consoles. With it comes a slew of much-requested features, such as “Improved Burn Time Indicator, the Delta-v per Stage and Delta-v Tool App, Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter, Axis Group binding, and dozens of Part revamps.” In addition, this free update, will address a wide variety of bugs, as well as performance issues. It, too, will go live on December 5th.

[Source: Kerbal Space Program Forums]