A Demonic New Killer Hunts a New Survivor in Dead by Daylight’s Upcoming Cursed Legacy DLC

Another chapter will soon arrive for Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight. Come this December, players on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch PC, and Xbox One will have access to the Cursed Legacy DLC. This upcoming content release will introduce a new survivor, a brand-new killer, and a fresh map.

See what kind of horrors Dead by Daylight’s Cursed Legacy DLC will bring in the following trailer:

Dead by Daylight’s new killer is an entity known only as The Oni, a hulking figure with flowing white hair. Its visage appears demonic in nature, which would not be too surprising given the killer’s namesake. In Japanase folklore, Oni represent a form of yōkai (demon), typically depicted as trolls. Based on the little that’s been shown, thus far, The Oni in Cursed Legacy definitely looks very troll-like.

Kimura Yui is the title’s new survivor. Described as a “vigilante street racer,” Kimura quickly becomes The Oni’s unsuspecting prey once she incidentally stumbles into the Entity’s realm. Dead by Daylight’s new map, the Sanctum of Wrath, probably won’t be too kind to Kimura, either.

As some fans suspected, the Cursed Legacy chapter will help unravel the mystery that surrounds The Spirit’s origin. Most notably, her ancestor Yamaoka Kazan will receive some of the spotlight with the new DLC release. A Samurai whose “wrath” garnered the attention of the Entity, Yamaoka Kazan is bound to have an intriguing backstory.

It seems likely Cursed Legacy will serve as the last big content launch for Dead by Daylight this year. But is Behaviour Interactive finished with surprise announcements? A recent ESRB rating suggests the studio may have something else up its sleeve in the form of a Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition. If and when such a release will see the light of day presently remains under wraps.

[Source: Behaviour Interactive]