The Horror of Daymare: 1998 Hits PlayStation 4 in Japan Next February

Survival horror title Daymare: 1998 began haunting PC via Steam back in September. In just a few months’ time, the experience will make its way to consoles. It seems the PlayStation 4 audience in Japan may get first dibs, with the game slated to hit store shelves on February 20, 2020. While Daymare: 1998 is confirmed to land on the PS4 and Xbox One in Western territories, release date details on that front remain publicly unknown.

News of Daymare: 1998’s Japanese launch date comes courtesy of a retail listing via Rakuten. On the retailer’s website, the game’s price is listed at 4,378 yen. At the time of writing, a 15 percent off sale has the horror game available to preorder for 3,721 yen. It’s not specified how long this particular sale price will remain in place.

A third-person horror title, Daymare: 1998 features “hardcore” mechanics that demand players think and play strategically. Enemies are especially a challenge, serving as nothing short of an unrelenting force. Puzzles and other obstacles serve as similarly formidable tasks. The game’s story is told from the perspective of multiple characters, with an emphasis on “deep lore” and world-building.

Daymare: 1998’s setting is that of a quaint little town, which just so happens to harbor the secret research facility that houses a chemical weapon. An incident leads to the arrival of a special security team, consisting of a helicopter pilot, elite soldier, and forest ranger. When a simple security breach turns the local citizenry into monsters, the security team adopts the herculean task of dispatching the bloodthirsty creatures. They must do so while also uncovering the truth about what actually happened.

For a glimpse of what terrors lie in Daymare: 1998, check out the launch trailer that debuted alongside the PC release:

Destructive Creations and All in! Games are publishing the title for developer Invader Studios.

[Source: Rakuten via Gematsu]