Daymare: 1998 Digs Its Survival Horror Claws into Consoles in the West This April

While Daymare: 1998 will launch on PlayStation 4 in Japan later this month, survival horror fans in the West must wait a little longer. The game from Invader Studios hits PS4 and Xbox One on April 28th in North America and Europe. Both a physical and digital version are planned for PS4. GS2 Games is handling the physical edition’s distribution in North America, while Meridiem Games manages the same for Europe. Xbox One, on the other hand, will only receive a digital release.

In unveiling the Western launch date, publishers Destructive Creations and All In! Games also unleashed a new trailer. See Daymare: 1998 in action in the video below:

Seemingly inspired by the horror games of old, such as Resident Evil, Daymare: 1998 tasks players with thinking strategically. Its “hardcore survival mechanics” add to the challenge, which increase tenfold against unrelenting enemies. Combat serves as only part of the game’s difficulty, since puzzles demand strategic thinking, too.

In a story told from multiple perspectives, Daymare: 1998 sets the stage at a secret research facility. The deadly chemical weapon locked inside basically represents ground zero for a horrific incident. To resolve the problem, a team of specialists drops in, complete with a forest ranger, helicopter pilot, and elite soldier. Upon arriving in the once quaint little town, the security team comes face to face with the chaos of everyday citizens turned into monstrous creatures. While dispatching the citizenry gone wild, each of the three specialists must also search for clues as to what caused the pandemonium.

[Source: Gematsu]