Rainbow Six Siege’s New Limited-Time Event is a Crossover With Netflix’s Money Heist

The new limited-time event for Rainbow Six Siege goes live today, bringing something a little different to the title. For this event, the Tom Clancy series collides with Netflix’s Money Heist, a TV show known as La Casa De Papel in Spain. Rainbow Six Siege’s new event will come to a close early next week on November 25th.

Netflix’s Money Heist centers on “The Professor,” a criminal mastermind who recruits eight people of various abilities to help him plan and execute the printing of billions of euros at the Royal Mint of Spain. For the heist to succeed, the crew must infiltrate the bank and take hostages.

The Money Heist event in Rainbow Six Siege takes place in the bank level. At its core rests a typical Hostage match, wherein Attackers and Defenders compete over a Hostage donning the recognizable mask and red jumpsuit from the Netflix series. Players should be mindful that Operators Hibana and Vigil are dressed in the same attire.

Both Hibana and Vigil are receiving a bundle for the Money Heist event. The items will be purchasable in the shop and will remain as such for up to one year. Hibana’s “Heist Bundle” includes Red Jumpsuit uniform, Emboldened headgear, Tokyo charm, and Regal Mint weapon skin for the TYPE-89. The “Accomplice Bundle” for Virgil features Red Jumpsuit uniform, Nameless headgear, The Surrealist charm, and Fresh Paper weapon skin for the K1A.

Check out the Money Heist event’s trailer in the following video:

In addition to the limited-time event, Rainbow Six Siege also has a free weekend ahead. It will last from November 21st to November 24th, offering new players access to every facet of the experience. Anyone who chooses to purchase the game between November 21st and December 2nd will be able to do so for a discount.

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