WWE 2K20’s New Patch Corrects Even More of the Game’s Technical Woes

WWE 2K20‘s 1.03 patch is now live across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Like Update 1.02 before it, which launched earlier this month, the new patch addresses myriad technical issues in the wrestling title. Most of the problems tackled in 1.03 concern those originally pointed out by the game’s community. Notable fixes and adjustments are with regards to troubles involving characters, Universe Mode, and online play.

The 2K Support page lists the patch notes for WWE 2K20’s Update 1.03 as follows:


  • Addresses reported crashes throughout the game
  • Addresses reported opacity issue causing invisible CAS parts
  • Addresses reported crash in custom arenas using imported images
  • Improvements to sweat
  • Addresses reported input settings not saving (PC only)


  • General improvements to hair and cloth behavior
  • Addresses reported concerns with missing hair and cloth throughout the game
  • Addresses reported concerns that images may fail to be correctly displayed on the Superstars’ attire
  • Addresses reported concerns of a crash when using DLC CAS parts for MyPLAYERs
  • Addresses reported concerns with allowing male face paint color changes to appear correctly in-game
  • Addresses reported concerns with CAS parts that may cause hair to float with certain Superstars
  • Addresses reported concerns with assigning locked moves when user previews and selects it inside of Move-Set for MyPLAYER
  • Addresses reported concerns that CAS T-shirt logos may appear incorrectly in-game

Universe Mode:

  • Addresses reported concerns that a crash may occur when selecting a save slot
  • Enabled importing Roster and other settings when creating a new Universe save
  • Addresses reported concerns that a crash may occur when loading into match for the first time with several creations
  • Addresses reported concerns with 6-man tag match
  • Addresses reported concerns that a crash my occur when simulating to WrestleMania


  • Improvements to strike aiming and dash strikes
  • Addresses reported concerns with soft lock-in pin mini-game after performing certain moves


WWE 2K20 hit stores in late October to poor reviews from critics and fans alike. So broken was the overall experience that players joined forces online to get #FixWWE2K20 trending on Twitter. Not too long thereafter, developer Visual Concepts released a patch to quell some of the more troubling issues.

In a recent earnings call, publisher Take-Two Interactive expressed disappointment with the unfavorable reviews and fan feedback. However, Take-Two President Karl Slatoff noted that by continuing to improve the title, WWE 2K’s community may experience growth.

[Source: 2K Support via Video Games Chronicle]

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