#FixWWE2K20 Trends as Disgruntled Fans Bash Wrestling Game Bugs

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 marked the release of WWE 2K20, but rather than celebrating the launch of this new professional wrestling game, fans are uniting in an effort to send publisher 2K Sports a message. Banding together under the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 on Twitter—and even causing it to trend—disgruntled day one purchasers are sharing their experiences with glitches that range from amusing right through to game-breaking.

Numerous players have shared abominable creation suite results, while particularly amusing glitches have been blessed with accompanying music tracks in order to really help set them off. You can check a couple out below:

Elsewhere, wrestler Kevin Owens won an in-game Money in the Bank match by pinfall. For those that don’t know, that match type’s stipulation dictates that the only way to win is by retrieving the briefcase hanging above the ring. Pinfalls, submissions, and disqualifications should not be allowed.

More seriously, several players are also reporting that an infinite loading screen is preventing them from accessing WWE 2K20’s MyCAREER mode. That’s a significant portion of game content currently proving to be completely inaccessible.

These problems might be a result of the switch in developer from long-standing WWE video game studio Yuke’s to Visual Concepts, who previously only worked on the series in an assisting role. Even without taking the glitches into account, fans have been vocal about the poor quality of in-game character models and physics this year. Many areas show noticeable downgrades over last year’s WWE 2K19 and even games in the franchise prior to that.

Some believed that the writing was on the wall when initial gameplay footage for WWE 2K20 was revealed a mere 19 days before its eventual release. Still, this isn’t the first time fans have felt the need to push back against a buggy 2K Sports product at launch. Only last month #FixNBA2K20 gained traction on social media for its own set of glitches. That didn’t prevent NBA 2K20 from topping the sales charts in the US or UK, however.

Whether the issues with WWE 2K20 will have a more adverse effect on its sales remains to be seen.