phoenix point retail release

X-COM Creator’s Phoenix Point Will Receive Retail Distribution Thanks to Koch Media

Original X-COM designer’s strategy title Phoenix Point will not solely release on digital storefronts. Thanks to distributor Koch Media, the company behind the likes of Dead Island and Saints Row, Phoenix Point is also on track for a retail launch. The strategy game still has a scattered digital release for PC and consoles, and details on when the physical version will hit stores currently remains under wraps. Pricing information is also unknown at this time, though we can probably expect it to follow along with digital pricing.

Phoenix Point’s digital version is slated to launch with multiple editions. The Base Edition will cost $39.99, the Deluxe Edition has a $60 price tag, and the Ultra will run players $80. If Koch Media and developer Snapshot Games have special editions planned for the physical version, neither company is saying so as of yet.

Much like X-COM before it, Phoenix Point centers on specialized operatives trying to thwart an alien menace that means to invade and take over the Earth. Its turn-based strategy mechanics will see players research technologies, plan various operations, and build alliances all over the world.

Training and customizing operatives is to serve as another integral part of the experience. Once they are battlefield ready, players will deploy their squad of soldiers in combat zones. While on the field, the squad must complete myriad objectives and face off against the alien enemies. All of this and more is expected to take place across a wide variety of procedurally generated maps. Constantly mutating alien foes and branching storyline paths are also on track to make Phoenix Point the most dynamic experience possible.

Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point lands on the PC next month on December 3rd. The turn-based title will hit Xbox One in the first quarter of 2020. Meanwhile, its release on the PlayStation 4 is slated for the latter part of 2020.

[Source: Koch Media via Gematsu]