Battle Beasties in Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Straimium Immortaly, Due Out on Consoles This Month

The roguelike dungeon crawler Straimium Immortaly originally landed on Steam back in late 2016. Soon the title from developer Caiysware and publisher Digerati Distribution (The Coma 2) will arrive on consoles. Straimium Immortaly is due out on the PlayStation 4 on December 17th and December 18th in North America and Europe, respectively. Xbox One players can grab the dungeon crawler a week later on December 24th. Finally, it will hit the Nintendo Switch on December 25th.

As is often the case, the game’s console announcement came complete with a new trailer. Check it out in the video down below:

Straimium Immortaly is a hybrid game, combining different types of experiences to make a fresh one. As such, the Caiysware title is every bit a shoot ’em up as it is a roguelike and dungeon crawler.

The game arms players with a jetpack, in addition to a wide array of power-ups and weapons. In taking on the role of a lone warrior, players must navigate through the Cubicus, a procedurally generated world. According to Digerati, the vibrant setting of the Cubicus was designed with “old-school pixels” and a “new-school style.” Gawking at the beautiful art won’t do anyone any good, however. While navigating through Straimium Immortaly, players must also battle the Queeni Emperess’ formidable forces.

A variety of loot adds to the experience, too. Over 25 upgradeable weapons fill out the lone warrior’s arsenal, including the Ionic Laser and the Electra Casta, the latter of which blasts lightning. Straimium Immortaly additionally features more than 50 items. Unlockable classes, cheats, and mutators are in place to keep players busy, as well. The same is true of modes such as Boss Rush and Incursion.

[Source: Digerati via Gematsu]