Underhero Release

Side-Scrolling Turn-Based RPG Underhero Hits PlayStation 4 Next Month

Underhero, an indie turn-based RPG that seeks to flip several genre conventions on its head, will be making its way to PlayStation 4 on February 11th, 2020. The game originally launched on PC on September 19th, 2018, but indie publisher Digerati is assisting first-time developer Paper Castle Games with the port. Featuring plenty of weird characters and a unique take on combat, the game is attempting to stand out from the crowd.

The game puts you in the role of a mysterious masked kid who works as an underling to the villainous Mr. Stitches. After an accident causes the chosen hero of the realm to die, the masked kid takes his sword and the role of the new hero. Of course, he’s still the underling to Mr. Stitches, so he needs to balance his new life as both hero and villain. The game makes use of a system called “timing-based combat” where you’ll attack along with a musical beat to get critical hits. Of course, you are a villain, so if you don’t want to fight you can also just bribe enemies to turn the other way.

Developers Kay and Andie have the following to say about their game’s upcoming console release:

Underhero began as a humble passion project inspired by our love for Nintendo RPGs. After many years of hard work, we are extremely happy to share the world we’ve created with a bigger audience than ever before. Get ready to experience a unique battle system and a subversive story full of twists and turns, now on your favorite console!

Publisher Digerati is well known for bringing games to consoles after its original release. They’re currently working with Failbetter Games to bring Sunless Skies to PlayStation 4. Some other games they have worked on bringing over include card-based survival game Frost, roguelike Straimium Immortaly, and top-down action RPG Fall of Light.