Destiny 2 season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Brings Back Saint-14, Osiris, Mercury, and Timey-Wimey Stuff

Destiny 2 Season of the Undying will be closing out on December 10, making way for Season of Dawn. After defeating the Undying Mind in every possible timeline, we’ve done something… funny, to time on Mercury. Thanks to the Vex and their time shenanigans (not to mention our own meddling in that which we don’t fully understand), the Red Legion is trying to undo its loss of the Red War, the original campaign of Destiny 2. Season of Dawn will take players back to Mercury, see the return of Osiris, and even resurrect the long-dead Saint-14, though it’s entirely possible we’re simply interacting with the past version of the headbutting Titan, pre-death, and his, erm, destiny, is set in stone.

Bungie will be holding a full Destiny 2 Season of Dawn reveal stream tomorrow, but for now, we have a few details thanks to a new trailer and Season of Dawn site. Check out the full trailer below:

“When you slew the Undying Mind, you changed the course of history,” Osiris says. “Now time is broken on Mercury, fractured by the legion.” I think that “on Mercury” line is a key component in keeping expectations in check. The entire timeline of Destiny 2 isn’t about a change, but in a place such as Mercury, where the Vex were blurring the lines between timeline simulations and actual time travel, our actions are bound to have rippling effects.

The Red Legion are the focus once again, returning to try to undo their loss in the Red War. “If you’re willing to help, you’ll need to walk the corridors of time,” Osiris continues. “And you’ll need my sundial to do it.” The Sundial is Season of Dawn’s new six-player matchmade activity, replacing Vex Offensive. Little is known about how The Sundial will work, but expect to learn more on tomorrow’s live stream reveal. There will also be Osiris Obelisks on four destinations (including the Tangled Shore if this screenshot is any indication), but we don’t know how that public activity works either.

Destiny 2 season of Dawn

Osiris built the Sundial to help an ally—the Titan Saint-14—cheat death, and saving Saint-14 himself is actually the central focus of the Season of Dawn. Back in Curse of Osiris, we saw Saint-14’s body lying in the Infinite Forest, but hints of paradoxes have always persisted, indicating that we’d one day meet the infamous headbutting Titan before his demise. Saint-14 receives a voice and a lot of themed content this go-around, including new Titan-centric finishers (yes, there’s even a headbutt).

The trailer also gives us a tease of new content to come, including plenty of new weapons, armor, cosmetics, Rusted Lands returning to the Crucible from Destiny 1, and Sparrows on Mercury. The long-awaited feature is finally coming to Destiny 2. The Season of Dawn site also gives us a peek at the new Season Rank progression path, which features a new Exotic Scout Rifle that players can get both on the free and paid tracks. The Lantern of Osiris is our new Seasonal Artifact for this Season.

Destiny 2 season of Dawn

Destiny 2’s upcoming season seems to want to fix some of the biggest problems players had with Curse of Osiris, once widely considered to be the worst content addition in the game. The destination, characters, and story were all points of major criticism, many of which are being addressed through Season of Dawn.

Season of Dawn will last for three months, concluding on March 10, 2020, when Bungie introduces the next unknown season to the game. We’ll learn plenty more details about Season of Dawn tomorrow as Bungie brings twelve developers on for “a rapid-fire parade of reveals and game-changers.”

[Source: Bungie]