Concrete Genie Receives Free Holiday Brush Design Pack Today as Thank You to Fans

Developer Pixelopus may have just given you a reason to jump back into Concrete Genie thanks to its free Holiday Brush Design Pack. This festive add-on will help you get into the holiday spirit by giving you the tools to paint even more beautiful pieces in the game’s many modes, perfect for this special time of year. This pack is part of the game’s 1.06 patch and has been added as a thank you to the fans for their love and support of the game. Upon downloading the update, you’ll be asked if you want to activate the pack.

You can activate the Holiday Brush Design Pack from the menu at any time, and use them in both existing saves and new games. The designs are reworks of the existing brushes with an added holiday flair, including Santa hats, decorated trees, and more to get you in the festive holiday spirit. You can go back to using the original brush designs by switching the Holiday pack off. Developer Pixelopus also encouraged its community to share their creations on social media. Tag @Pixelopus on Twitter or Instagram to share your art with the devs.

The news of this DLC pack comes after the developer noted it didn’t have anything specific planned for extra content post-launch, so this Holiday Brush Pack might come as a surprise, since we weren’t expecting much to come after its release.

The Creative Director at Pixelopus also shared a messsage about the success and reception the game has been seeing:

When we were making Concrete Genie, we knew that there may have been risk involved in making something with such a personal message, and with uniquely creative gameplay at its heart. It was such an overwhelming surprise to read all the great reviews and see such a wonderful heartfelt response from the PlayStation community. All of us here at Pixelopus are incredibly touched by the support, and particularly those who have reached out to say how much the themes in the game have moved them, or better still, helped them in some way. This was one of our greatest hopes when making the game.

We have also been thrilled to hear from families and gamers of all ages who have been enjoying Concrete Genie together. We designed the game and its story to appeal to all ages but, in particular, we hoped that families could benefit from the universal themes and creative gameplay. This has been so rewarding to watch! We hope that many more families over the holiday period (and beyond) continue to enjoy everything that Concrete Genie has to offer. Please continue to help us spread the word about this game, and what it is about. It has made such a difference so far and we are really grateful for the help!

We gave the PlayStation 4 exclusive a glowing review here at PSLS, praising its visuals, themes, and pacing. And with a wallet-friendly price of $29.99, it’s a great family game to get just in time for the holidays.

It’s unclear if we’ll get more Concrete Genie updates in the future or what Pixelopus’ plans are for its next project. As the PS5 approaches, developers will no doubt be taking advantage of the new and improved hardware, and we can’t imagine the creative brilliance at Pixelopus is sitting idle.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]