“Nothing Specific” Planned for Concrete Genie Post-Launch DLC, It’s “Possible Though”

Developer Pixelopus’ Concrete Genie hit the PlayStation 4 just last week, but fans are already wondering if DLC plans are in the works. Apparently, at present, the studio does not intend to develop any extra content for the title. However, it seems post-launch DLC is not entirely off the table.

Pixelopus shared as much with curious fans in a recent Twitter thread. When asked whether there are post-launch content plans, the studio’s responded as follows,

The above statement offers little in the way of detail. As such, there’s no way of knowing what Concrete Genie DLC could potentially entail. More art-centric extras for players to experiment with? New story content, perhaps? Fans may not get the chance to find out for sure.

Concrete Genie hit the PS4 last week to predominantly favorable reviews. Our own review awarded the title at 9 out of 10, praising its visuals, pacing, and myriad themes. In the game, players adopt the role of Ash, a kid who’s, unfortunately, no stranger to being bullied. But when his hometown of Denska suffers from environmental destruction, Ash is the only one capable of restoring the coastal community to its former glory. And he must do so with the power of art. Thus begins the player’s venture into a world of colorful wonder, painting the town back to vibrancy and bring to life creatures known as Genies.

[Source: Pixelopus on Twitter]