Phil Spencer Says Xbox Scarlett’s Price Will Rival PS5’s Price, Microsoft Won’t Repeat Past Mistakes

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that the company has learned from its past mistakes and won’t be repeating them in the next generation. Spencer was specifically talking about the Xbox One’s price and performance, which put the console at a disadvantage right off the bat.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the XO19 event in London, Spencer said:

I will say, from the launch of Xbox One, I’ve definitely learned that being too expensive and not powerful enough is not a great place to be. And price and performance are gonna be important, and we’re very focused on both of those things.

If you remember at the launch of Xbox One, we were $100 more expensive and less powerful. So, I won’t be in that position. There’s no doubt about that. As an industry that’s growing so fast, we do think about price. We do think about performance as well. I’m not going to sacrifice performance for the sake of price.

At the same event, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg said that Microsoft will be more focused on customers rather than competition going forward. According to Spencer, the company wants to “compete in the right ways” with a special emphasis on cross-play and backward compatibility.

“I think Sony has built a great business, they have a very strong brand and a strong presence and we have a lot of admiration for what they’ve done,” said Greenberg. “Equally, we feel proud of the fact that we’ve built the world’s most powerful console.”

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch in 2020.

[Source: Eurogamer]