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Investigate Song of Horror’s Paranormal Mystery on Consoles in 2020

Developer Protocol Games’ paranormal mystery Song of Horror is currently releasing episodically on PC via Steam. In the next several months, console players will finally get to go hands-on with the experience themselves. Publisher Raiser Games will unleash Song of Horror on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in Q2 2020. Currently, the title lacks a specific console launch date. It’s also a unknown whether PS4 and Xbox One users will receive all five episodes at once, or in a staggered episodic release.

A third-person psychological horror experience, Song of Horror weaves a paranormal mystery with a supposedly unique twist. The tale centers on the strange disappearance of elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher and his entire family. Players take on the role of Husher’s acquaintances, all concerned about the family’s unexplainable absence.

To find answers, these characters venture to Husher’s home. Some never return. As such, every character’s experience in the hunt for Husher is different. This especially holds true thanks to a supernatural entity known as The Presence, an AI controlled antagonist capable of reacting and adapting to the player’s myriad choices and actions.

Song of Horror’s first two episodes are already available on Steam. The third episode, inspired by classic survival horror series Obscure, will launch on Friday, December 13th. At the time of writing, episodes four and five lack release date details.

For a glimpse of the untold terror that awaits in Song of Horror, check out the PC launch trailer below:

In addition to Obscure, Song of Horror also takes cues from the likes of Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil. It seems the Protocol Games title aims to appease the tastes of many a survival horror fan.

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