Death Stranding Heartman Actor Seems to Be Teasing Some Kind of a ‘Return’

Filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, who plays the role of Heartman in Death Stranding, seems to be teasing a “return” of the character. Spotted by Reddit user hitman_JDA, a recently published image on Refn’s Instagram shows “Heartman will return” scribbled across a photo of himself and creator Hideo Kojima.


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Fans have understandably started speculating what Refn could be teasing. Some believe it could be DLC or an expansion but others have noted that Heartman’s story is tied up quite nicely in the game provided players unlock his file.

There’s also talk of either a movie or a potential sequel. It’s no secret that Kojima wants to create a fusion of movies and video games. He said as much in one of his recent interviews while teasing upcoming projects, and considering Refn is a filmmaker, it somewhat makes sense. On the other hand, Kojima has also hinted that he would consider a Death Stranding sequel but if he did, he’d have to “start from zero.”

What we do know is that Kojima is already looking into creating the “scariest” horror game, and has even explained how he is going to approach its development.

DLC, sequel, or appearance in an entirely different Kojima game – what Refn’s Instagram post is referring to is anybody’s guess but we’ll keep our readers posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think the tease is about, or hope it’s about.

[Source: Reddit]

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