Danganronpa Creator Writing and Directing FMV Game Death Come True

The next project from Kazutaka Kodaka, Danganronpa series creator, will see him transition from visual novels to a full motion video game. Izanagi Games is developing the game in question, Death Come True, which will apparently center on player choice. Kodaka serves in the role of director and writer; however, little else is known about the title for now.

Izanagi Games announced the new Kodaka-led project on an official Twitter account for Death Come True. See the post below:

A link to a teaser website rests at the end of the above post. Interestingly, the site features a countdown, showing when Izanagi Games will be ready to unveil more details about its upcoming FMV title. That information, specifically dedicated to the lead actor for Izanagi’s new game, is slated go live on December 10th at 5:00pm JST/12:00am PST.

The teaser website and the image accompanying Izanagi’s announcement feature the same poster. Gematsu translated the text written at the top of the image, which reads: “Is this a movie? Or a game?” Meanwhile, the words just above Death Come True’s logo tease, “A story that begins by your choices.”

At present, it isn’t known which platforms Death Come True will launch on. Hopefully, that will become clearer during the roll out of information on December 10th.

[Source: Izanagi Games via Gematsu]