Dreams Story Mode to Feature ‘Three Interweaving Narratives’ in Three Different Genres

Since Dreams‘ announcement, details about the long-teased story mode have only popped up every so often. Now that the full version’s release date set in stone, Media Molecule is diving deeper into concrete details. For one, the Dreams story mode will feature “three interweaving narratives,” each occupying three different genres. The developer noted as much and more in an “Introducing Story Mode” video.

In the brief video, bits and pieces of the campaign are shown off. Of particular interest is what the story itself may entail. In each of the three stories, several themes will take center stage. According to Studio Director Siobhan Reddy, the interwoven narrative delves into themes such as loss, love, and friendship. Players will engage with every theme across three different genres, including noir, action sci-fi, and a puzzle platformer. Reddy teased the latter story will venture into “childhood horror” themes.

One character serves as the focal point for all of this, a middle-aged gentleman named Art. Mark Healey, Creative Director on Dreams, describes Art as a “down and out ragtag of a man.” In first meeting Art, players find him “sleeping rough” in a film noir-themed city of his subconscious mind. His dreams then fuel the story forward.

In addition to lifting the veil on story details, Healey mentioned that every piece of content featured in Dreams‘ story mode was made solely from the tools available to all users in Dreams. No outside assets were used. Everything came to be courtesy of the game’s assets, a DualShock 4, and a PS4. It certainly sounds impressive. As such, the campaign will provide a template for anyone who purchases the full game and wants to get creatively ambitious. Evidently, quite a few creators in Dreams have already crafted noteworthy experiences worthy of a Twitch-streamed awards ceremony.

See story-centric video for Dreams below:

After nearly an entire console generation of waiting, PlayStation 4 players will finally can their hands on a full version of Dreams on February 14, 2020.

[Source: PlayStation Europe]