A Now-Deleted Official Announcement Reveals What Batman Shadows Edition Contains, Here’s What We Know

We know Batman Shadows Edition exists because the Australian Classification Board outed its existence back in November. Later rumors suggested that an announcement was set for The Game Awards but we didn’t see anything at the show. However, Gematsu has found a cached version of an official announcement on Athlon Games’ website dated December 5th, which has since been pulled.

So what exactly is Batman Shadows Edition? It’s “a noir-style visual makeover and graphical upgrade to the critically acclaimed and much-loved [Telltale] games.” According to the announcement, Shadows Edition contains Batman: The Telltale Series base game and “new DLC” for $29.99. Those who own the base game can buy “Shadows Mode” as an add-on for $4.99 (which we assume is the “new” DLC but we’re not sure yet).

Interestingly, the way the press release is worded makes it sound like the announcement was supposed to coincide with the content’s release so either someone jumped the gun or there has been a slight delay.

“We’re excited to be able to build and continue the legacy of an iconic Telltale Games franchise by launching The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition today,” reads a statement from Telltale CEO, Jamie Ottilie. “This is just the beginning in a much more expansive plan to build on our catalog of Telltale Games titles, which we hope to discuss in further detail in the coming months.”

Batman Shadows Edition will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC whenever it’s out.

We’ll update our readers when we receive more information.

[Source: Athlon Games (cached) via Gematsu]