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Motive GM Says EA Now ‘Feels Like a Different Company’ That’s ‘Very Much Focused on Quality’

Electronic Arts Motive General Manager, Patrick Klaus, has said that the publisher has gone through several cultural and leadership changes in recent years, and it now “feels like a different company” that’s “very much focused on quality.”

Speaking to Games Industry, Klaus – who took over from Jade Raymond following her departure in 2018 – suggested that EA’s new direction is one of the reasons he was excited to return. Klaus worked at EA for almost 10 years before joining Ubisoft in 2012. He was a managing director at Ubisoft Quebec when he decided to rejoin the publisher.

Klaus wasn’t implying that EA was deliberately trying to put out poor quality games but that the publisher has been reinforcing the message about quality.

He said:

It feels like a different company, a company that’s very much focused on quality. That’s part of the reason that got me excited about coming back, really the number one priority is that we want to make great games, and EA execs are really empowering Montreal with the amount of talent we have in the studio to play a big part in making some awesome games for EA. It’s different times, a different leadership, a different message. And it’s reinforced every day in the messages and discussions we have. It really feels like that’s the absolute priority.

I have a strong belief that quality trumps all. We have to have the faith that if we focus on quality, on player experience, test and prove our hypothesis regularly – move away from the mindset of one creative genius having a vision for the game and the whole team executing – it’s working as a team, trying out different things and then testing it and iterating based on that. We’re doing a lot more than that, and success will come if we focus on team and focus on quality.

EA Motive is currently working on a Star Wars game and a new IP.

[Source: Games Industry via Wccftech]

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