There Are Still Control Easter Eggs That Have Yet to Be Discovered

A few throwbacks to Alan Wake were discovered in Control, the most recent game from developer Remedy Entertainment, that prove the two take place in the same universe. Remedy itself has stated its games are intended to be a “shared thing.” And with other Easter Eggs/references like one involving Hideo Kojima, there’s lots to unpack when it comes to Control’s hidden secrets. But according to the game’s director Mikael Kasurinen, there are still Easter eggs and secrets that have yet to be discovered.

In speaking with online publication Games Radar, Kasurinen explained what his favorite Control Easter egg is, along with more on the game’s undiscovered secrets:

It is the rubber duck, that angry quack gets me every time. It’s been crazy how quickly people figured many of them out. Having said that, there are still some that people haven’t found yet, though some secrets have a longer tail, and extend into the expansions as well.

We know Control will be getting an expansion in March 2020 called Foundation, which many are expecting to be a crossover with Alan Wake due to its key art bearing resemblance to Remedy’s other game. While that remains to be seen, the fact that there are still undiscovered secrets in the game is very reminiscent of the last Easter egg discovered in 2018’s God of War—one that took players months to finally uncover.

Control was one of 2019’s critical darlings, gaining much praise from critics and even taking home the Best Art direction award at The Game Awards 2019. And despite its seemingly soft sales (it failed to chart on the NPD top 20 list during the month of release), it was developed on a relatively low budget of €30 million, with Remedy expecting the title to perform well in the long-term.

We’ll have to wait to see if Control’s Foundation expansion will, in fact, tie to Alan Wake, and if it will feature more Easter eggs to discover. For the time being, you can play the game’s free Expeditions update, which offers some end-game content for those who are looking for more to do once the credits roll.

[Source: Games Radar]