Slayers Club Members Can Gain Access to the 25th Anniversary Skin for DOOM Eternal

Members of Bethesda’s Slayers Club can unlock access to DOOM’s 25th Anniversary Skin for the upcoming DOOM Eternal. Pictured in the feature image above, the 25th Anniversary Slayer Skin is grey in color, providing the Slayer with the ultimate monochromatic look.

All fans need to do to access the skin is sign up for the Slayers Club and reach the “DOOM Slayer” rank. Reaching this rank is simply achieved by earning points, which come from being an active member of the Slayers Club. For example, members can obtain points by visiting the Slayer Club’s forum, reading articles on the website, taking part in polls, and submitting fan art. Members can put the new skin to use when DOOM Eternal launches next spring.

Signing up for the Slayers Club is completely free. Essentially, the Club allows fans of the long-running FPS franchise to come together and celebrate what they love. As evidenced by the 25th Anniversary Skin, a growing community of fans is not all the Slayer Club has to offer. Fans can also earn a whole host of in-game awards, such as character skins for DOOM Eternal’s singleplayer and multiplayer modes. In addition, members unlock special Slayers Club bonus features and earn discounts on merchandise.

DOOM Eternal will hit stores for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One early next year on March 20, 2020. Originally meant to arrive this November, id Software and Bethesda Softworks delayed the new installment to ensure players receive the “best experience” the developer can provide. Meanwhile, you can play the classic DOOM remasters, which were recently updated with additional fan-created scenarios, one of those from DOOM creator John Romero himself.