Doom User Created Maps

Bethesda Adding Player Created Maps to Doom and Doom II Console Ports, Starting with John Romero’s Sigil and Final Doom

For Doom‘s 25th Anniversary Bethesda rereleased Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth on modern platforms, including the PlayStation 4. While the ports initially had poor reception, Bethesda has put quite a bit of work into making them live up to player’s standards. Now, during a 26th anniversary live stream, they’ve announced the biggest update yet. Both classic games will get player-created levels. These levels, which will be curated by Bethesda, will be added to the game at no extra cost. There’s no release date as to when the update will hit, but the promise was “soon.”

The first three add-ons have already been announced. The most interesting of the bunch is probably Sigil, a map pack created by none other than John Romero himself. Sigil released last year and was made to be the final episode of Doom. It was well received and noted for its exceptional difficulty. The other two that will be available at launch are TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment. Those two fan campaigns were originally combined into an officially licensed product known as Final Doom, so it’s nice to see them get some love. Bethesda also notes that they didn’t want anyone to feel left out by only owning one classic and not the other, so all add-ons will be available in both Doom and Doom II no matter which version they originally required.

Additionally, the No Rest for the Living expansion for Doom II will also be included with the update. This was an official expansion created in 2010 by Nerve Software for the Xbox 360 port of Doom II. It was later bundled with Doom 3: BFG Edition for players that wanted it elsewhere.

Along with the user maps and Doom II expansion, a new update will be coming to add a few more features players have requested. The game will now be locked to 60fps and allow players to alter the aspect ratio. Or, in the words of community manager Joshua Boyle, “I know some people said ‘that zombie boy is a little swole’. You can make him not swole. It’s up to you.”

[source: Doom 26th Anniversary Live Stream]