Bandai Namco Considered Xenosaga Remasters, Failed ‘Profitable Market Analysis’ Derailed These Plans

Xenosaga fans have spent years patiently awaiting remastered releases for the beloved sci-fi JRPG series. Nearly a decade ago, Sony told fans to appeal to publisher Bandai Namco for the coveted rereleases. Reportedly, the company has at least considered as much in recent years. However, Xenosaga HD remasters never made it beyond the consideration phase, since a failed “profitable market analysis” means Bandai Namco has tossed such plans aside.

Famed Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada delivered the unfortunate news to inquiring fans in a recent Twitter post. When asked if he knew whether Xenosaga would ever receive an HD collection, Harada explained the following:

Sadly, Harada did not detail any specifics with regards to the profitable market analysis. One quick look at the Tekken producer’s replies indicate quite a few people are interested in seeing the series return in some capacity. Of course, talk and tweets only mean so much—whether people would put their money where their mouth is creates a whole different conversation—but maybe interest will now see a sharp increase since fans are aware that it’s something the publisher has previously considered. Whether or not Bandai Namco will ultimately take note remains unknown at present, however.

Xenosaga is a beloved JRPG that first launched as Xenosaga Episode 1 in early 20o2. Within a four-year timespan, two more mainline entries and a couple spinoffs also hit store shelves. Unfortunately, the series has been on ice for more than 10 years, and it doesn’t look like that status will be changing anytime soon.

[Source: Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter via Wccftech]