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SUPERHOT VR Grossed $2 Million Last Week Across All Platforms

Celebrations are in order for SUPERHOT Team, since the studio’s SUPERHOT VR had a big week during the holidays. Across all platforms, the title grossed a total of $2 million between December 22nd and December 29th. This seems an especially impressive achievement for a two-year-old VR experience (that is a separate game from the non-VR version).

SUPERHOT Team’s Callum Underwood shared the exciting news with fans in a celebratory Twitter post. Check it out below:

In a subsequent tweet, Underwood explained that sales numbers for specific platforms can’t be shared, because “each platform does not allow it.” Another follow-up post saw Underwood offer clarification with regards to PlayStation VR sales numbers of SUPERHOT VR. Apparently, the title’s sales on PSVR are currently an estimate. The studio won’t receive solid data until sometime next year. However, analysts, according to Underwood, are “confident.”

It is worth noting that SUPERHOT VR is on sale on the PlayStation Store and Steam. The PlayStation Store’s Holiday Sale has it discounted from $24.99 to $16.74 until the sale ends next month on January 17th. Meanwhile, the title only costs a few cents more on Steam at the price of $16.99. It stands to reason the lower price point greatly contributed to the massive uptick in sales. No doubt VR headsets being purchased for Christmas played an equally important role, as well. After all, SUPERHOT VR to many VR fans represents an excellent showcase of what the technology can accomplish.

[Source: Callum Underwood on Twitter; Via: DualShockers]