New Player Collision Mechanic in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Has Fans Upset

Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has done well, critically and commercially, it’s not without its issues. Killer chairs have plagued players by ruining killstreaks, leading to many complaints from the community. But that’s not the only issue players have dealt with. A recent update added a new collision mechanic wherein teammates could push one another. On paper, this is a fine idea, since teammates can sometimes unintentionally (or intentionally) back you into a corner, rendering you trapped. However, the new mechanic has led to more problems, causing teammates to get each other killed during a match.

A Redditor by the name of Cyberpunk_89 shared a video of the issue in action. You can see a player push a teammate into an enemy claymore, causing premature death. The new player collision has been the cause for a lot of issues, from missed shots due to being pushed while aiming, to unintended deaths as players are pushed around corners, off ledges, or into enemy fire.

On the same Reddit thread, the community can be seen discussing the reasons why this new mechanic should be fixed. User bcr3125 recalled the way collision worked in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, in which you could walk through your teammates. As the user points out, Modern Warfare could implement a similar mechanic to avoid griefing.

Considering how active Infinity Ward is on Reddit, it’s likely that the team is well aware of the issue, however, no official statement by the developer has been made just yet. The team needs time to analyze the problem and determine the best course of action before making any comments on the issue.

Despite these issues, Infinity Ward has actively supported Modern Warfare, regularly implementing new modes, maps, updates, and weapons to keep things fresh. Most recently, the game’s first season of content began to release for free, adding holiday-themed modes and the return of classic maps. There’s lots more in store as well, with rumors pointing to a battle royale mode being added at some point in the future.

Have you encountered issues with the game’s new collision system?

[Source: Reddit]