Resident Evil 3’s File Size Will Be Considerably Larger Than RE2’s Remake

The file size for Resident Evil 3‘s remake could be pretty hefty, if an online store listing proves true. On the Microsoft Store, the remake’s listing has the title weighing in at approximately 43.01GB. This is considerably larger than the size of Resident Evil 2‘s rerelease, which clocks in at a little less than 24GB on the PlayStation 4.

Such a difference between the two should not be too surprising, however. In unveiling the return of Resident Evil 3, Capcom announced that the remake will come packaged with Resident Evil Resistance, the 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer experience formally known as Project Resistance that pits survivors against a terrifying Umbrella Corp. creation, similar to Mr. X and Nemesis. It stands to reason, then, that much of the extra space belongs to the upcoming release’s online component.

Since Resident Evil 3’s announcement, a few more details about the survival horror title have hit the web. For one, Russian model Sasha Zotova is the new face of protagonist Jill Valentine. In addition, Capcom developers recently teased that fans should expect a few changes between the original 1999 version and the updated iteration. Most notably, the role of Brad Vickers is receiving a major makeover, according to producers Peter Fabiano and Masachika Kawata. Unsurprisingly, Capcom isn’t ready to announce what the differences will entail at present.

Resident Evil 3 will release across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms in a few months on April 3rd. Until January 17th, PS4 owners can pick up Resident Evil 2 for the low price of $19.79, thanks to the PlayStation Store’s currently running Holiday Sale.

[Source: Microsoft Store via SegmentNext]