Granblue Fantasy Versus Getting a Special Edition With Shot Glass and Coasters

It’s not a fight until someone has had something to drink. The newest version of  Granblue Fantasy Versus will come with a shot glass, letting you get your drink on. Is it safe to play a fighting game while drinking? That’s another question entirely, but now you’ll have a chance to figure out your answer. The shot glass, which features the game’s logo, serves as a classy way to show off your love for both the series and your favorite alcoholic drink.

In addition to this, the special edition package will also come with a set of coasters for you to put your new shot glass on to keep your tables nice and ring-free. There are five coasters, sporting the likenesses of Gran, Katalina, Vaseraga, Lyria, and Zeta. If you ever wanted to put a glass on any of those character’s faces, this is your chance to do so.

It will also come with a nice tin pin for you to put on your shirt, pants, bag, or anywhere else you want a pin. The pin features Percivalt and Lancelot, both characters in a cute chibi art style. You’ll also get an acrylic statue of the two of them, though this time in the art style of the actual game, not the pin’s chibi style. All of these goodies should appeal to fans of the game, not to mention collectors.

If you’re a fan of the series, you should be thrilled to know that XSEED is working to bring it to the West. The game launches sometime in Q1 2020 in the west. Japanese players can get their hands on it on February 6th, 2020.