Expect to Hear News About the Next Mainline Sniper Elite Entry This Year

The last mainline Sniper Elite installment, Sniper Elite 4, hit store shelves early in 2017. Fans will be pleased to learn that Rebellion won’t stay silent about the fifth main title for long. Sometime this year, the studio intends to announce details concerning what may ultimately be deemed Sniper Elite 5.

Rebellion’s PR Executive Sadie Flayeh recently tweeted an outline of the company’s plans for the new year. There are three titles set to launch throughout 2020, one of which includes Sniper Elite VR. In addition, Flayeh teased that news about the next “mainline Sniper Elite” is incoming. See Flayeh’s post below:

When that news may arrive is currently anyone’s guess. E3 2020 could serve as a good place to announce the next Sniper Elite, since E3 2019 saw the team unveil Sniper Elite VR, complete with a preview for attending press.

Virtual reality isn’t the only way in which Rebellion aims to expand upon Sniper Elite’s offerings. Late last year, the company unveiled Rebellion Unplugged, a brand-new studio that is exclusively working to translate Rebellion’s many IPs into board games. Sniper Elite the Board Game counts as the first of such projects. A Kickstarter for the board game will launch on an unspecified date this year.

Sniper Elite 4 is in stores now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Whenever Sniper Elite VR launches this year, it will land on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and Viveport platforms.

[Source: Sadie Flayeh on Twitter via SegmentNext]