playstation 5 logo reveal

PlayStation 5 Logo Already Has More Social Media Engagement Than Xbox Series X Reveal

A full 24 hours hasn’t even passed since the PS5’s logo reveal, yet Sony’s in the lead with regards to the social media race for next-gen consoles. On Instagram at least, the new logo alone has attracted a larger audience than Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series X during The Game Awards 2019. In the long run, this may not mean much. Regardless, it’s interesting to note.

Last night, PlayStation’s official Instagram page posted an image of the PS5 logo, which was revealed at CES 2020. At present, this incredibly simple post has already accrued an impressive 4.3 million likes. In contrast, the official Xbox page’s post about Xbox Series X on December 12, 2019 has only amassed around 989,000 likes. Such a wide margin could likely be explained when taking into consideration myriad factors. Most notably, the PlayStation Instagram account’s number of followers eclipses that of Xbox’s two to one, with PlayStation sitting at over 22 million followers compared to Xbox’s 9.9 million.

Strangely, PlayStation’s official Twitter page has yet to so much as acknowledge the PlayStation 5 logo reveal. However, the news made quite the impact on Twitter, with some posts from random users going viral overnight. The conversation revolved around Sony’s decision to only unveil the logo at CES 2020—pushing off additional PS5 news until a later date—and the fact that it is virtually unchanged from both the PS4 and rebranded PS3 logos. Will this kind of momentum hold until Sony is finally ready to unveil the hardware itself? We’ll have to wait and see.

During the brief PlayStation-centric segment for the CES presser, Sony also shared sales figures for its platforms. The PlayStation 4 has crossed 106 million units worldwide. PlayStation VR’s sales numbers are impressive in their own right, having achieved the five million milestone and making it the best-selling VR headset.

[Source: Instagram via PushSquare]