REPORT: PS5 Controller is Called DualShock 5 and is Compatible With PS4

Sometimes PlayStation 5 information comes from unexpected places. First details about the console were unveiled in a surprise Wired interview, and now more information about the PS5 controller has been found via a page on PlayStation France that compares the models of PS4 systems.

Under the section “Compatabilitie DualShock” (which translates to DualShock Compatability), the official PlayStation France website lists “DS4/DS5” for every PS4 model (base, slim, and Pro). Basically confirming what we all know, it looks like the PS5 controller will be called the DualShock 5. The PlayStation France page seems to indicate that the DualShock 5 will be backwards compatible and work with the PS4 as well. It also strengthens reports that most PS4 accessories, including the DualShock 4, will be forward compatible with the PS5.

PlayStation 5 DualShock 5 PS4 Compatible with PS4 PS5

Making hardware and accessories work across console generations maintains a familiarity for the 100 million+ PS4 owners that might want to upgrade, and makes for a smoother transition, something that Sony is aiming to make happen as quickly as possible. Not requiring a whole new cabinet of devices and accessories is an effective way to make the purchase of a PS5 a little bit easier, especially on people that may have picked up a PS4 or PS4 Pro more recently.

While Sony calling the PS5 controller the DualShock 5 may come as a surprise to no one, it follows a strategy of slow reveals that maintains an overall familiarity with the PlayStation brand. Sony was slow to even confirm that its next-gen console was called the PlayStation 5, and when it finally unveiled the updated logo, it was virtually unchanged except for the number on the end. This is Sony’s way of continuing to tell people not to worry, easing the community into what’s coming next. The PlayStation 5 is going to be a familiar console that people know and love, though there are still big unannounced “unique” features that have yet to be revealed.

[Source: PlayStation France via Jack of All Controllers]