Sony Wants to Move PS4 Players to PS5 ‘at a Scale and Pace That We’ve Never Delivered on Before’

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Ryan, has said that one of Sony’s main goals going forward is to help transition the current-gen community to next-gen hardware faster than ever before.

“These are gamers who are networked and sticky and engaged and passionate about PlayStation to an extent that we’ve not seen in previous generations,” Ryan told Games Industry. “As we move towards the next-generation in 2020, one of our tasks – probably our main task – is to take that community and transition it from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and at a scale and pace that we’ve never delivered on before.”

Ryan believes that the PS5’s developer-friendly approach will help with this transition.

“When we look at this transition and the ambition to do things at a scale and pace that we haven’t seen, we have to look at ourselves and make certain changes,” added Ryan. “Some of which are in the ways we work, and some in the way we organize. If we are to be successful, we really have to leverage the opportunities that globalization brings.”

Giving some examples of Sony’s globalization efforts, Ryan revealed that the PS5’s production is much more streamlined and that the company will make a greater effort to execute global campaigns.

“The first global campaign that we ran was around Spider-Man,” Ryan continued. “It’s a great game obviously, but it also ended up as PlayStation’s bestselling first party game. It was one global campaign conceived and executed in an outstanding manner, as opposed to three different regional campaigns that are often executed very well, but the same thing in essence done three times.”

The PS5 is scheduled to launch sometime in 2020.

[Source: Games Industry]