Kentucky Route Zero Physical Edition

Kentucky Route Zero Physical Editions Found Through ARG, Will Include ‘Mystery Components,’ Soundtrack and “Mystery LP” Also Available to Order

The last episode of Kentucky Route Zero finally dropped, and with it the console version of the game as well. However, some people may want to own a physical copy of the game. Or, to put it in the game’s terms, something “real.” So why not call the Department of Real? Sure enough, a phone number provided by the publisher leads to exactly that. If you call 1-858-943-6579 you’ll get a pre-recorded message by the Department of Real. After declaring a few things fake (including all forms of mice) and playing a morse code message that translates to SOS, the recording redirects you to where you can purchase physical editions of Kentucky Route Zero.

The physical editions come for either PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. Instead of displaying the game’s artwork, which the listing says it will do at a later date, the images show what appears to be part of a mathematical equation. The descriptions for the physical editions claim they will include “Secret Components” as well. You can also order the game’s soundtrack, which will come on two vinyls and will also give you the digital version. The description for the soundtrack claims it is “Definitely the Official Soundtrack for Kentucky Route Zero,” just in case you had any doubts.

However, it’s the final purchase option that is certainly the most unique. For $29.99 you can order the “Kentucky Route Zero Mystery 1xLP Vinyl.” What is the mystery vinyl? Well, it’s a mystery. The description claims it is “Definitely a 1xLP vinyl” and “Definitely a Mystery Vinyl related to Kentucky Route Zero” while also noting it is “Definitely not the Official Soundtrack to Kentucky Route Zero.” No matter what you order, it’s set to be shipped in early Q3 2020.

The recording at the aforementioned phone number also teases a few more announcements on the way. The message declares that “some days are more real than others” and encourages listeners to call again on February 18th, March 3rd, and March 23rd. While it wasn’t specific on what will happen on those days, it seems like we may have a few more little announcements in the future. Or we’re going to get an update on the list of things that aren’t real, which seems equally important.