Astro Bot Rescue Mission Director to Serve as Studio Director for Japan Studio

A change in leadership is currently underway for Sony’s Japan StudioAstro Bot Rescue Mission Director, Nicolas Doucet, will now serve as the developer’s Studio Director. What this shift in leadership means for the role of former studio chief Allan Becker presently remains unknown.

News of Doucet’s promotion comes by way of an HR post from the “Corporate” section of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s official website. Interestingly, the post features very little information apart from Doucet’s being named as Japan Studio’s new Studio Director. In turn, it is unclear what exactly such a change may entail for the first-party studio going forward.

Nicolas Doucet’s time in the gaming industry spans more than 20 years. His history with Sony is nearly as lengthy, and quite impressive given his new status within the company. 2005’s EyeToy: Play 3 for the PS2 counts as Doucet’s first credit on a PlayStation exclusive. On that particular project, SIE Japan Studio’s new head served in the role of producer.

Of course, Astro Bot Rescue Mission likely represents Doucet’s most well known game. The title launched on the PlayStation VR in the fall of 2018, enjoying critical acclaim across the board. And it is still considered amongst the most impressive experiences Sony’s VR headset has on offer.

Currently, details about what Japan Studio is working on next aren’t publicly known. A rumor from last summer suggests a new Ape Escape could see the light of day in the near future. However, such a claim remains unsubstantiated as of writing.

[Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Nibel on Twitter]