Gears of War Studio Head Will Soon Join Blizzard to Oversee Diablo

Since early 2014, Rod Fergusson has served as Head of Gears of War studio The Coalition. Fergusson’s tenure in the role is coming to an end, though. Starting in March, he will transition into a new position at Blizzard Entertainment, overseeing the Diablo franchise.

Fergusson revealed the “bittersweet” news himself in the following Twitter post:

Because the news is still so fresh, Fergusson has little else to share. As such, details on how exactly he will fit into Diablo production remains unknown. Given that Diablo IV is still in the early stages of development, it stands to reason Fergusson may play an integral part in that project going forward.

Fergusson’s resume isn’t impressive just because of his extensive history with Gears of War alone. His time in the industry dates nearly 25 years. During his lengthy tenure at Epic Games, Fergusson worked on Gears, Infinity Blade, and Bulletstorm, among other titles. He departed the company in 2012 to join Irrational Games. While there, he helped the Ken Levine-led team finish development on 2013’s BioShock Infinite. Fergusson returned to Gears in 2014, heading up The Coalition, which has since gone on to produce Gears of War 4 and last year’s Gears 5.

[Source: Rod Fergusson on Twitter]