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New Crash Bandicoot Game Has Leaked and It Appears to Be a Mobile Title

Last year, we heard quite a few reports of a new Crash Bandicoot game in the works. Known insider Sabi was able to confirm that Activision was working on something but couldn’t say whether it was a new game or a remaster.

Well, it looks like a new Crash Bandicoot is indeed on its way but if leaked information is anything to go by, it’s a mobile title similar to Temple Run.

Artwork from the King-developed mobile game first surfaced via Facebook ads, which were later removed but not before Twitter users jumpbuttoncb and Motwera captured screenshots. Kotaku Australia then managed to dig up a description of the game from an app store testing company’s website, which confirms that the new Crash Bandicoot is an endless runner for mobile devices.

While this news may disappoint some, don’t lose hope for a new Crash adventure on consoles just yet. Activision Blizzard recently revealed that it has plans to “tap into portfolio of beloved IP to bring several remastered and reimagined experiences to players in 2020.”

In the meantime, enjoy Crash Team Racing on your PlayStation 4.

[Source: Kotaku, Eurogamer]

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