PlatinumGames Would Like to Self-Publish Bayonetta If Given the Chance

PlatinumGames’ self-publishing wish list (and it’s purely a wish list) seems to be growing. Following the launch of The Wonderful 101‘s Kickstarter campaign, a number of publications quizzed the developer about other exclusive IPs including Astral Chain and the cancelled Scalebound, neither of which it holds the rights to. In another interview with IGN Japan this week, PlatinumGames expressed its desire to self-publish Bayonetta games but acknowledged that it would require a lot more funding than The Wonderful 101.

“I think Bayonetta is a very important title for PlatinumGames, so it’s an honest feeling that I would like to do it [self-publish] if there is such a chance,” said director Atsushi Inaba (translation via VideoGamer). However, he added that his statement doesn’t imply that the studio could actually go ahead with the task, especially considering the financial aspect. A multiplatform Bayonetta would also require the blessing of Nintendo and Sega because they co-own the IP. PlatinumGames previously described The Wonderful 101 as a “very unique case” because it required a lot of negotiations with IP owner, Nintendo. In other words, the probability of Nintendo allowing multiple titles on other platforms is low.

That said, PlayStation and Xbox owners have something to look forward to on February 18th when the original Bayonetta and Vanquish games release together in a “10th anniversary bundle” for the PS4 and Xbox One. The bundle will be available digitally and physically, with the latter’s launch edition packaged in a steel book.

[Source: IGN Japan, Anime News Network via VideoGamer]