Romantic Visual Novel Arcade Spirits Brings the Love on May 1st

Romantic visual novel Arcade Spirits is already out on PC via Steam. Soon console players will be able to experience the Fiction Factory Games-developed title, as well. Arcade Spirits comes to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in just a few months on May 1st.

The following release date announcement trailer offers a pretty good look at what to expect from the title:

PQube, no stranger to visual novels, is publishing Arcade Spirits, a game set in the year 20XX. In this world, the 1983 video game crash never took place. Players will create their own unique character, designing both their look and personality. Once the story gets going, the protagonist will get a job at Funplex, an arcade filled with a host of other colorful characters. In engaging with both colleagues and customers, players may just meet that special someone.

The character creator in Arcade Spirits seems very detailed. In addition to choosing hairstyles, skin tone, and eye color, players will also decide which pronoun they prefer their character to use. This level of detail is additionally reflected in the role-playing systems. Throughout Arcade Spirits, the protagonist’s personality and relationships will evolve, all based upon player-choice. With seven “romanceable characters,” friendship, platonic, or intimate possibilities are quite extensive.

Thanks to Arcade Spirits‘ Identity Identifier System (IRIS), keeping track of relationship statuses and personality shifts should be easy. Carefully managing all of the above may prove integral to the overarching experience, since player-choice will affect the arcade’s future.

[Source: PQube via PlayStation Blog]