Raging Loop release date

Visual Novel Raging Loop Has an Official October Release Date

Publisher PQube has announced that its upcoming psychological thriller, Raging Loop, finally has a release date set for North America and Europe. Visual novel fans can mark their calendars for October 18, 2019 in Europe and October 22nd in North America.

If you preorder the game now, you will receive the Day One Edition, which includes a 100-page artbook. In addition to containing concept art and illustrations, the book will also provide extra information about the characters. The Day One Edition does not cost more than the regular copies. If you have any inkling toward picking this up in the future, why not go ahead and preorder it for the free book?

Set in the small Japanese village Yasumizu, a strange mist suddenly surrounds it and prevents everyone from leaving. This only means one thing: the ancient gods have returned for The Feast, where they hunt down the villagers one by one. Legend has it that five beast guardians lived on a mountain nearby the village. The villagers’ only hope to survive is to inherit these guardians’ powers, but they will never be able to save everyone.

Enter the protagonist, Haruaki Fusaishi, who visited the village at the absolute worst time. He becomes trapped in a Groundhog Day-esque loop, where no matter what he decides, he will die. But with each death, he will rise to repeat, this time with more knowledge about the situation.

Raging Loop will be available for PlayStation 4 and Switch when it releases mid-October.