Death Stranding Catapult Concept Art Inspires Fascinating Theory About Its Potential Use

Titan Books’ The Art of Death Stranding is now available in North America and the UK. Already some of the concept art has been making the rounds online. One piece in particular is for an “unused catapult structure.” Unfortunately, it appears the art book doesn’t offer much information about its intended use or why Kojima Productions sidelined the idea. However, a fascinating fan theory on Reddit suggests one interesting possibility worthy of note.

A fan shared an image of the catapult’s concept art on Death Stranding’s subreddit. See the picture below, courtesy of Redditor u/MartinParis:

Death Stranding Catapult

Since it seems unlikely the catapult would be used for offensive purposes, the only other logical usage is transportation. Many fans in the Reddit thread posit it would’ve been especially beneficial for package delivery. What about concerns over damaged goods, though?

One Redditor, u/uvarine might have it all figured out. They hypothesize Sam could’ve used a map to pinpoint where he wanted the catapult to launch his supplies. After release, the packages would deploy a parachute, ensuring a safe landing. Sam would then travel to the supplies on foot, making navigating the terrain a much simpler effort.

Of course, there’s nothing to support this particular fan theory. Yet, given the Fulton system in Metal Gear Solid V, such a train of though with regards to the unused Death Stranding catapult does not seem too far-fetched.

What are your thoughts on how else the device may have been used in Death Stranding? Let us know in the comments below.

Death Stranding is in stores now for the PlayStation 4. Koijma’s latest will launch on PC this summer.

[Source: Reddit via GameRevolution]