motogp 20

MotoGP 20 Releasing This April With More Realistic Graphics and New Features

Milestone and Dorna Sports are teaming up to release the next installment in the MotoGP series on April 23, 2020. MotoGP 20 will come with more realistic graphics than ever before, and will include new features such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption, and aerodynamic damages that will affect performance.

MotoGP 20‘s new and improved Managerial Career will allow players to manage their entourage and make critical decisions that make an impact. A revamped Historic Mode will give racers new ways to collect iconic riders and bikes. In addition to this, expect more detailed bike development as well as gameplay that focuses on strategy, skills, and customization.

Other features include:

  • Neural AI goes 2.0: What many thought was utopic, became a reality. Last year A.N.N.A. (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) brought a more fast, natural and fair AI. This year Milestone developers further enhanced its capabilities, to allow her to strategically manage tire and fuel consumption, as real riders do.
  • New Editors: Together with Stickers, Helmets, Racing Numbers and Lower-back patches, in MotoGP™20 players will be able also to customize bikes’ liveries of their Custom Team, to race on track with a unique style.
  • The best online experience: Dedicated Servers for the Multiplayer mode have continued to enable a more reliable and fun online experience. Now we added quality of life improvements that will further enhance online gameplay in all modes: Public Matches, Private Matches and Race Director Mode.

MotoGP 20 will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia.