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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a Hack-and-Slash That Ties Into the Series Finale

Brace yourselves for a new Samurai Jack adventure with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. The 3D hack-and-slash from Adult Swim Games and developer Soleil will see Samurai Jack venture through time to finally put a stop to Aku’s reign. A number of familiar faces are bound to pop up along the way, too, including fan favorites such as Scotsman, Scaramouche, and Sir Rothchild. Fans can run into all of their favorites and more when Battle Through Time hits the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on an unspecified date this summer.

Get a first look at Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time in the official announcement trailer below:

The TV show’s lead writer Darrick Bachman wrote Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. Both Bachman and series creator Genndy Tartakovsky will appear on a PAX East panel on February 28th. During the panel at the Boston Convention Center, Adult Swim Games plans to unleash even more information about the project.

Again, this particular Samurai Jack adventure ties into the series finale, though details on how remain under wraps for the time being. In this new journey, Samurai Jack must travel to a “dark future to free mankind.” However, the past is in trouble as well, meaning the character will also travel backwards through space and time, where horrific monsters most certainly await (and perhaps he’ll revisit some of his past adventures?)

Traversing through time and exploring the franchise’s beloved worlds will only constitute part of the excitement. Fans should additionally anticipate equipping and becoming adept in more than a dozen weapons. To continuously improve Samurai Jack’s power, training and unlocking skills will be of the utmost importance.

[Source: Adult Swim Games]

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